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_another theme for Indexhibit

This is the post-nav text. Here you can add what you want, included links. Exemple : Mail me !


This is assuming the installation of Indexhibit has been completed:

First, upload the Centered Theme folder to /ndxz-studio/site/ via your ftp
- switch to Advanced Mode in Exhibits > Settings
- switch to the 'thecentered_theme' template set
- find your template set at /ndxz-studio/site/thecentered_theme/
- index.php is your template
- style.css is your stylesheet
- exhibition formats live at /ndxz-studio/site/plugin/ and begin with 'exhibit'
- plugins live at /ndxz-studio/site/plugin/ and begin with 'plugin'

If you are in Advanced Mode in Exhibits > Settings you will find the Pre and Post Nav text areas. These are what they sound like - they allow you to place things both before and after the Index/menu.

- place an image (html: img) into the PreNav space - like your logo
- place contact, email, phone number, copyrights, links to other things, in the PostNav

You can style many things on your site, like font (webfonts), color of links, size of type, padding and margins. Before you continue you should read the Useful Threads post and also the html/css basics (found at the top of the forum).

When I need to access information in the CSS manual I simply use Google. For instance, if I want to know about coloring a font I would search:

'css color'
'css background-color' -- background color
'css line-height' -- line height

It does help to learn what is available but I have mentioned this in the html/css basics thread. I also do the same with javascript or jquery when the time arises.

Exhibition formats

Exhibition formats (as well as plugins) are a combination of PHP, javascript and css. Mostly PHP, these files control the layout and effect your exhibition images will take on the page. It is in this place you can edit the basic css rules for the output. The more generic rules for the overall Indexhibit format are in the style.css file.

Before you do any editing of your template (index.php file) you must read the Useful Threads link that talks about how to properly style padding and margin - this is very important.

All this text courtesy of Vaska in the Tips for building your site thread.

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