the centered
_another theme for Indexhibit

This is the post-nav text. Here you can add what you want, included links. Exemple : Mail me !

Logo text ?

This is what I put in the pre-nav box :

< a href="">the centered< /a>
_another theme for Indexhibit

I style in the css file the pre-nav under #top-section. There is a #top-section a and a "simple" #top-section. So if you make your/the website name a link to your home (as it is really often), it will be styled as "the Centered" is on this demo site.
All the rest of the pre-nav text will be styled as "_another theme for Indexhibit".

You can style the #top-section a and the #top-section as you want to suits your needs.

Image ?

Just adapt this code taken from this thread
< img src='/path/to/image.jpg' width='123' height='123' />
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