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The Slider

Created by Arsondpi in this thread of the Indexhibit forum.
You will find it in the Centered_theme folder. You can edit the "easing" property in the plugin (open the exhibit.slider.php to change the "easeFunc" on line 25). That will modify the transition between images.

Full width for this one

We will choose this plugin to show images on all the width of this theme : 800 pixels.
This plugin works when all your images have the same height an width. So make all your pics 800px of with and the height you want. If you want to use smaller images, use the Slider FloatLeft.
To make it work you will need to upload (all this elements are in the Centered_theme folder) :
1) the latest jquery framework (updating jquery plugin means that you're gonna loose thickbox as an exhibition method)
2) jquery.slideviewer.1.1.js
3) jquery.tooltip.min.js
4) jquery.easing.1.3.js
5) and of course the plugin itself, the exhibit.slider.php

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